Last updated on 1 December 2023


Olivia Murphy Marketing FZ LLC (referred to herein as "we" or "OMM FZ LLC"). (referred to herein as the "Website").


  1. OMM FZ LLC does not offer or provide a "get-rich-quick program" nor do we believe in overnight success. Developing your existing skills and learning new ones, hard work, dedication and consistency are required if you desire to increase your financial earnings. OMM FZ LLC does not make any assurance, representation, or promise in any way whatsoever about your ability to get results or earn any money with any of the programs, information, tools, coaching or strategies we provide.


  1. OMM FZ LLZ dedicates the utmost effort to accurately describe the services and/or products showcased on the Website. We do not provide any assurance, representation, or promise concerning future earnings or income and do not guarantee that you will earn a specific amount or any money at all, nor can we assure or promise you that you will not incur losses (financial or otherwise).


  1. The success stories, increases in earnings and/or income, together with testimonials and examples, serve as case studies of the potential increase in income. These examples and case studies do not in any way constitute a promise or guarantee that you will achieve similar levels of earnings or income.


  1. Prior examples and case studies relating to earnings or income do not indicate future success or results for you. The situation of every individual and company varies significantly, and past performance is not indicative of future outcomes.


  1. Statements or examples of actual earnings on the Website attributed to specific individuals or businesses are accurate. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such examples do not, in any way whatsoever, constitute promises or guarantees of earnings or income. Earnings are influenced by numerous factors beyond the control of OMM FZ LLC, including prevailing market conditions, market fluctuations and the financial status, skills, effort, motivation, experience etc. of each individual and/or company.


  1. Operating a business online involves inherent risks and is unpredictable. You should make informed decisions based on the information provided through the services and/or products featured on the Website. An online business may not be suitable for everyone. You may fail to generate any income and you may incur substantial losses.


  1. You should conduct own research, due diligence and analysis when evaluating any services and/or products showcased on the Website. Seeking guidance from qualified professional advisors is recommended and should form an integral part of your decision-making process.


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