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Who is

Wealth Rehab for?

Are you...

  • Someone that wants to land that dream job, that promotion, or start that online business but they don't think they can
  • Someone who is not happy with their current income, but don't know how or think it's even possible to move into the next income bracket 
  • Someone that believes that because none of your family have made their millions, you can’t possibly make yours
  • A entrepreneur that fully believes in their product/service, but have hit a wealth ceiling 
  • Someone that has always believed that they were meant for more, but not sure what that one ‘thing’ is
  • A business owner that is struggling to ‘show up’ in their business
  • Someone that believes that success is just not meant for them as they've never been a high achiever
  • A person that deep down hopes that the life they’re living isn’t ‘it’ 

If you are at least one of the above, then

Wealth Rehab is for you!

What’s included in this journey?

  • Lifetime access to self paced, step by step video lessons by Olivia, to get you clear on your money, wealth and success goals, and above all, showing you EXACTLY how to achieve them quicker and easier than you ever thought possible
  • Learning the concept of a 'Wealth Mindset', and identifying your own Wealth Blocks which will never allow you to grow or succeed
  • A step by step process to discover your current Wealth Blueprint and achieve clarity on where you are now, and why this is your current reality
  • Understanding Neuroplasticity: how to rewire your beliefs and thoughts to bring into your present world anything and everything you desire -  proven by science
  • Wealth Attraction and Money Manifestation; why you're currently doing it all wrong
  • Learning the importance of Marketing the 'Self': it has to start as an inside job
  • Get super specific on your goals and timeframes
  • Guided success visualisation with Olivia to see your success in action, to focus on your goals, and to encourage embodiment of your future self, from now
  • Your own Wealth Rehab Workbook to put all teachings into personal practice - every single day
  • FREE 1 hour consultation call with Olivia, to get completely clear on what you want and most importantly, how to get there (what most courses leave out, or forget. And don't worry, I hold your hand through everything!)
  • And so much more. By the end of this course you will have a clear step by step framework as to how to achieve your success goals, and make them happen faster and quicker than you ever thought possible.

But the best part? You can have LIFETIME access to all of this for less than the cost of a dinner out for two….

I’m ready