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Who is

Millionaire Magnet for?

Are you...

  • An entrepreneur that wants to welcome unlimited cash flow months without the hustle
  • An individual that has always wanted to turn their idea, passion or side hustle into their own business and become their own boss but have no idea how to monetize their concept, offering, service or product
  • An overwhelmed entrepreneur or burntout 9-5er that wants a clear guide and step by step business, marketing, mindset and growth blueprint to help them start, grow and scale their own online business with guaranteed success and profitability - FAST
  • A frustrated business owner struggling to make the wealth they want despite trading time for money 
  • A revenue-driven entrepreneur that wants to learn the secrets of the most successful business owners who attract a constant, reliable, persistent flow of new customers & clients 
  • Someone that wants to build a career that enables them to plan their day exactly as they wish, prioritize on their terms, become their own boss and wake up every morning to a successful, fulfilling online business
  • Someone with a strong desire to achieve time and financial freedom, but their business as it stands right now is giving them anything but
  • A driven entrepreneur that is spending inefficiently with their marketing budget and wasting more money than making it!

Just Imagine...

  • You wake up gently every morning, having banked passive income in your sleep, and a flood of emails and DM’s from potential customers and clients desperate to give you their money for your service and/or product
  • You get paid whilst on holiday and spending time with loved ones, and no more asking permission to take annual leave
  • You never again have to rush to get ready, race to your 9-5, drive all over the place to make meetings, spend hours on the phone with difficult clients
  • No more Sunday scaries! No more anxiety or dread to go back to work on Monday, you love every day as you have created a life you love
  • You never again have to ask for a raise or that promotion, as you're now your own boss, your rules, making more money than you ever did working for someone else
  • You never again have to not wake up to an overwhelming number of messages from your boss with another thousand things to add to your to do list
  • You can finally put yourself first, having time to look after yourself and prioritize self care and the things you love - any day of the week
  • You finally truly LOVE what you do, and love making a massive impact to others and the world, without trading time for money
  • You're able to prioritize your day, and life, in exactly the way you wish, on your terms, knowing your business is running in the background 24/7...
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What’s included in this journey


You and Your Wealth Blueprint

By the end of this module, you will have achieved complete clarity on why you are in the monetary situation you are in right now, what your wealth goals are, and how you can absolutely achieve them.

Here’s what’s covered:
  • Importance of getting your S.H.I.T together (Self love, happiness, inner peace, time)
  • Millionaire Attestations  versus Millionaire Affirmations (and why you must favour the former)
  • What on earth is PTFAR and how this has shaped your current Wealth Blueprint (how our programming, leads to our thoughts, which causes a feeling, which makes us act in a certain way and create a response)
  • How your past has lead to to this exact position you are now, and how to change it
  • Neuroplasticity: Neurogenesis, Synaptic Connection, Myelination - how you have the power to rewrite and rewire your wealth beliefs, proven by science
  • The 6 Principles that Underpin the Law of Attraction, and in turn learn what modern neuroscience says about them
  • Guided visualisation by Olivia to identify learned behaviours, how to change them, and to get clear on your goals


Resetting your Wealth Blueprint

By the end of this module you will have rewired your thoughts, overwritten limiting beliefs, and have taken necessary action towards growing your online business, generating more income, achieving more equity and you will already notice more wealth being attracted to you.

Here’s what’s covered:
  • Exactly how to attract more opportunity and money into your business than you ever dreamed possible - become an opportunity magnet!
  • 15 Philosophical & Practical ‘Millionaire Magnets’ that all Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires do to achieve, and most importantly maintain, the wealth they do in their business
  • All lessons cover how to not only attract more wealth, but actionable ‘how to’ steps to apply to your business immediately for measurable results
  • Eliminate ingrained ‘wealth block’ thinking with hard-nosed practical tactics for organising, marketing and managing a business for maximum profit
  • Topics include success marketing, equity mindset, your network & peer group, sales, product/service demand, discipline & commitment, millionaire modeling, magnetic desire, how you manage and invest your money plus so much more! 


Your Automated Marketing System

By the end of this module you will know exactly how to quickly attract your ideal customers that pay over and over again plus refer new business into your marketing system 24/7. Get ready to supercharge your sales and make a great deal more money in your business, seamlessly and effortlessly.

Here’s what’s covered:
  • Understanding the building blocks of an efficient Marketing System and where you may be going wrong
  • How to tweak and niche down your messaging across all platforms to speak to a specific audience and avatar
  • The art of efficient media targeting (and save money in doing so!)
  • Lead Magnets, how to grow your email list and why this is vital for revenue growth
  • Timeline of offers for customer journey
  • Magnetic Storytelling and how to tweak your copywriting to guarantee sales
  • Prospect nurturing and email sequencing to convert warm leads easily
  • Magnetic Trust Funnels and how they will make you money whilst you sleep
  • Why your Magnetic Retention System is vital for longevity and how you can build yours
  • Foundational Marketing Rules to turn your business into a springboard of unimaginable riches
  • Your 12 month game plan - exactly how to grow your business year on year
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But that’s not all! After enrollment you will also get:
  • Millionaire Magnet Inner Circle Facebook Group
  • Weekly 1 hour live group teaching call with Olivia herself
  • Full downloadable workbook to work on throughout the progression of the course
  • Further reading & resources: Olivia’s go to books, papers, studies to further support your business success and wealth goals 
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all training videos
  • FREE 1-1 coaching call with Olivia to audit your business with clear action plan and step by step framework to achieve the success you want

how it works

  • 1. Invest in becoming a Millionaire Magnet

    A huge congratulations is in order! You have just taken action and have moved one step closer to stepping into your bestest, wealthiest self as a wildly wealthy badass business owner!

  • 2.Set aside 1 hour a day to complete a lesson

    Every video lesson is short and easily digestible (no longer than 20 minutes). Use the remaining time to do your homework in your workbook, and apply the learnings to improving your business. But remember, these videos are self-paced so you can fit these around your schedule.

  • 3.Weekly call with Olivia

    Every week show up to the live teachings by Olivia herself and have the opportunity to get your questions answered live too. Don't forget to email in and book your free individual 1-1 call with her aswell (you can do this once you have enrolled).

  • 4.Use the Community for added Accountability

    Don't do this alone! You have an entire inner circle community of purpose driven entrepreneurs and business owners that are on the exact same journey as you - to become a Millionaire Magnet. Ask questions, celebrate wins and grow together. A great opportunity to network too...

WARNING! This is NOT for you if

  • You think personal development & mindset work is a waste of time
  • You’re not willing to put in the work 
  • You don’t show up for yourself and your business everyday
  • You are looking for a quick fix
  • You are not coachable
  • You want to skip the inner work lessons, and only focus on the practical
  • You don’t believe in creating time and financial freedom

Millionaire Magnet



In need of an in depth, personal, 1:1 approach to amplify and scale your business even faster? Then uplevel your game with full access to Olivia as a 1:1 client. 

In addition to Millionaire Magnet, the Elite program will also get you:

  • 3 months of mentoring with Olivia to ensure you achieve your goals faster than ever
  • 1 x weekly 1 hour call with Olivia, to audit your business, work through specific strategies personal to your growth, identify problems and implement solutions on a 1:1 basis
  • 24/7 access to Olivia’s email address to help you with your positioning/ copy/ social content 
  • 24/7 access to Olivia’s whatsapp number for support whenever you need it

Limited spots apply.